Friday, 23 March 2018

ECE Special Edition - using spf command as a workaround to obtain chargen data

As today, we can't use the F1 export face model function on ECE showracemenu command (Chargen.DLL not working) and it can be quite frustrating to get correct information about what mods are used when creating a NPC from a preset, since the ECE don't import the correct assets on CK. If we can take note of the name of the hair used in the hair slide, the eye or brow texture used is impossible to know directly in-game.

Luckily we can use a workaround with another console command: save player face (spf). This tutorial will cover only how to gather information from the npc file generated, and use it to properly build your NPC.

Tools used:

SSEEdit for assets reference search;
A Mod manager like NMM, where you can check your load order;
A BSA unpacker of your choice, for extract packed assets;
A .txt read like windows notepad.

1 - Creating and reading the spf file:

First, let's export the .npc file. After finishing your soon-to-be NPC preset, save it as usual, then open console and type 

spf test

where "test" is the name of the file that will contain the chargen information, and it will be stored in your SkyrimSE folder.

You can close the game now and go to your Skyrim Special Edition folder, typically:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition

You should see the test.npc file there, open it with a .txt reader, notepad is enough. Now find the text portion where you read first "Headpart". You should see six lines with the Headpart text, then some numbers - those are the references you need. 

Don't worry, it is not complicated, just pay attention. The order is as it follows:

1 - Head
2 - Mouth
3 - Scar
4 - Eyes
5 - Brows
6 - Hair

Leave the notepad open and check your load order. This part is tricky, so be aware.

Look at the Headpart numbers. The first two digits are the load order in your SE installation, the remain ones are each NPC asset (model or texture) reference. 

The ones starting with 00, 01, 02, 03 and 04 are using vanilla/replacer assets, meaning that those assets are not been added by an .esp mod, but are replacers or just the vanilla ones (from Skyrim, Update, Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn).

- The ones after that are added by esp/esm mods. You can see two, starting with 17xxxxxx and 18xxxxxx. Let's check those first, so looking at my load order I have in the 17 and 18 places:

As you can see, I have DrSKnapsacks as 17, then two character beautification mods, an Eye texture and an Hair pack. Those are what I'm looking for, for some reason the npc Headparts file adds one number above to my real load order (can't explain why). Now I know my hair is from SGHairPackAIO, and the Eye Texture comes from Improved Eyes Skyrim. The other assets are vanilla or non-esp mod replacers. Let's check them all.

2 - Getting the Correct Assets.

Open SSEEdit, load Skyrim.esm and all the relevant mods detected above (two, in this situation). Time to hunt the assets.

After SSEEdit finishes loading everything, is time to look for the references. Let's start with the modded esp ones. First the Hair.

Now another trick part. Get the Hair reference from the npc file, and past it to the formID dialogue search; don't search yet, instead replace the two first digits with the two numbers in the mod order in SSEEdit. 

In this example I'll change 18000D9A (NMM load order) for 03000D9A (SSEEdit load order), then hit "enter" to search:

Voilá! That's the hair model. Complicated? At first, maybe. Let's repeat to the eyes.

Same procedure, copy the eye reference number, past it to the FormID and change the first two digits. 17002887 to 02002887 (Improved Eyes is 02 in this SSEEdit load order), hit enter:

Here it is. Easy.

This one has a little trick, and I choose it on purpose. If you look for it on your SkyrimSE folder, you will not found it, simply because it is packed in a .bsa file. So just extract it to get the model.

Now the remain assets, the vanilla/replaced ones is exactly the same thing, and this time just copy the reference to the FormID and hit enter. You just need to check if the file is loose on your folder or packed in the vanilla assets.

With all the models and textures known, start CK and assemble your NPC.

Let me know of any errors or anything that could have a better explanation. 

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Creating an Adoptable Child from an NPC/Follower

Base Mod used:

Required Mod to make Adoption Work:

1 - Start Creation Kit (CK), select Skyrim.esm, Hearthfire.esm (contains the adoption quest and references) and the mod with the NPC you want to change; wait until CK loads everything, then look for the NPC reference on the search field. In this example, I will use "Nono" since it is the NPC name reference; look for the NPC form and open the Actor Window.

2 - The first thing you want to do is to assign the correct voice type on the Traits tab, so Nono can have the dialogue for adoption (MaleChild/FemaleChild are the ones you want); it is a good idea to check if the height of the NPC is consistent with what you expect of a child size, so move to something around 0.75-0.90. Change the disposition Base to something higher to make the NPC like you from the beginning.

Optionally, you can make the NPC unique and Essential, so it can't be killed. If you set to protected, it can be killed by your hand only.

3 - Skip the Stats tab and mod to Factions; clear everything from the Factions and Ranks list, and then right-click on that field space and choose new; a window will pop up, text "adoptable" on the search field and select "BYOHRelationshipAdoptableFaction"

This is what makes her adoptable; in the same field you can add more factions for security: town faction to avoid violence from other NPC towards her (if the NPC is in Whiterun add TownWhiteRun Faction and CrimeFactionWhiterun).

4 - Technically it works already on a new game. But you want to make sure to remove everything from the NPC/follower than can conflict or may not be consistent with a child behavior. So on the next tab, Relationships, you want to clear the Relationship NPC field and add a new one similar to the next image, using right-click like in the Factions part.

On the AI Data tab, change everything to something you expect from a child and not from a follower (aggression, morality,...), same with the Inventory and Skills & Spells tabs.

5 - Time to test. Install the mod required above then launch the game; load a save, travel to Whiterun to find the NPC; place yourself in front of the NPC, open the console, click on NPC and type:

SetFactionRank xx004290 1

where xx is the 2-digit code of Hearthfire in your load order (possibly 02 or 03)

If you haven't adopt any child or have adopted 1 at most, this should be enough to adopt her; if not, continue for step 3.

3 - Again in console (no need to click on NPC for this codes), type:

stopquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptable
resetquest BYOHRelationshipAdoptable
setstage BYOHRelationshipAdoptable 0

This will reset the adopt quest, but you won't lose any current adopted child (at least in my game) and gain room for more.


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim Special Edition (SE) is out with a SE Creation Kit to port mods that can't be loaded directly from former to new version.

The first impressions are very positive - I've just make the first quest up to Riverwood and did some walking on Whiterun. The game is very stable (some bugs like the horse on the Helgen prisoner lineup are another matter), the visuals are nice and the performance, even for a potato PC like mine, is very fluid.

The Skyrim modding community is very active again; lots of mods are being successfully taken to SE and some of those core mods like SKSE, Bodyslide Outfit Studio, The Book of Silence, Racemenu/ECE, HDT and ENB are on the works or at least with the promise of a SE version for most (in fact the first version of the ENB SE binary is already out). SkyUI is still the biggest question mark, since the devs apparently are not interested in porting the SkyUI project to SE.

Vanilla SE already has a nice effect:

But with (beta) ENB is better IMO:

God-rays are nice. Framelock at 40 fps.

Meanwhile, must-have mods like Unofficial Skyrim SE patch, Wet and Cold, SMIM, Even Better Quest Objectives, Relationship Dialogue Overhaul, FNIS, XPMSE or Skyrim Flora Overhaul are already out, some with limitations.

There is a new Nifskope to adjust for the new .nif model format of SE and the models that won't run on SE should be adapted in the future.

Some of my personal conversions and follower mods will be on SE, but just a small part; I've been testing some followers and the first runs are positive, so I'll release them slowly on this blog (SE don't have a Steam Workshop yet), possibly next week.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Unfinished Conversions - Baroness Armor

Another unfinished work from Oblivion, this time a skimpy armor with three color variant from talented modder Kiki, with some modifications.

Description and know issues:

- Not dismembered;
- 0 weight only, base 7B body no Bounce, no additional mods required;
- the finger skinning is not perfect;
- the skin chest area sometimes bugs out with strange textures - take off and equip it again solves this very annoying issue;
- type help Baroness on console to get them;

Credits and Thanks: 
Thanks to Kiki for Baron Armor and for the free-to-use permissions;
To Sevennity for Sevenbase Body;
To Dimon99 for UNP Body;
To xp32 for XPMS Skeleton;
To Person123456789 for the Oblivion Skeleton in Skyrim Pose;
To Mikanoshi for SMCO;
To Gerra6 for KgTools;
To Gomapero for the Pose Pack;
To 3DSMax, Nifskope, Paint.NET teams;
To Bethesda for Creation Kit, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim;

And to all the modders and Skyrim fans that still mod, tweak, share, download, play and showcase Skyrim.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The DragonBorn Disciples

Last Follower Pack, perfect for those who can't get enough of Waifu/OverPowered companions.

This is a compilation of seven (7) overpowered NPC. All the base presets were collected around the web, from 3DM Forum (from the work of Stupded and 
Wangruanyifu), Nexus (Windofriver), Loverslab (Gvman3670) and Naver Cafe.

This mod can be considered as a cheat mod, since the followers are overpowered , with lots of perks, some good spells and a couple of shouts, plus you can found some great starter equipment and money inside the dwemer dresser right after the entrance door and some goodies around the house.

Please consider this a WIP. I'm still tweaking their combat AI.


- Dragonborn DLC
- Dawnguard DLC


- A follower manager (Amazing Follower Tweaks is my suggestion but another is fine too) 
- Follower Commentary Overhault
- Dynamic Follower Dialogue
- Unnoficial Patches (Legendary or Modular)
- Fix Lip Synch


You can pick them near Riverwood inside a Dwemer ruin that you can also use as a very basic starting player house. The location is automatically displayed in your map (Disciples Outpost).

They all use vanilla assets (equipment, voices, spells) so the outfit appearance will chance depending on your armor/weapon mods installed.

They all have an health/mana regeneration equipment, Skeleton Key (open any lock) and the light foot perks (to avoid trap trigging).

Ava - Battlemage, uses staves and magic

Daphne - Ranger, Dual Katanas and Bow

Felicia - Nightingale, Dual Swords and Bow

Katleen - Fighter, 1H Sword/Shield and Bow

Lucika - Paladin. 2H Greateaxe and Bow

Nicole - Dragonhunter, Dual War Axes and Bow

Wanda - Thief, Dual Daggers and Crossbow



By default, UNP is used as base body for the followers. 

If you want them to use your body type:
1 - Browse your 


and create a new folder called 


Inside this folder create another one called 


Your folder path should look like this: 


2 - leave the \Disciplesfollowers\Body\ folder window open. Now we need to find and copy the body files that will override the default ones.

3 - open another browse files window, go to your 

Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\ 

folder and SELECT TO COPY the following .nif files:
* femalebody_0
* femalebody_1
* femalefeet_0
* femalefeet_1
* femalehands_0
* femalehands_1

4 - drop the files in your 

\Disciplesfollowers\body\ (COPY THE FILES, DO NOT MOVE THE FILES)



- After recruit them, REMOVE THE HUNTING BOW that is automatically added to the follower inventory;
- Use a follower manager to make your life easier;
- The Map Marker isn't there? Go to your Skirim folder, execute SkyrimLauncher and check if the DiscipleFollowers.esp is activated on the Data Files; if you use a Mod Manager (NMM or Mod Organizer - wise decision), make sure the plugin is activated.
- Crash when entering the Disciples Outpost? Probably a memory issue, be sure to read about SKSE, that will stabilize your game A LOT.

Tools Used:

SMCO: for .dds and .bsa optimizer;
Creation Kit 

Credits and Thanks:
Base Body: UNP by Dimon99;
Body and Face Textures: SG Textures Renewal by HelloSanta, Fair Skin by HHaleyy;
Hair: KSHairdos by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky, SGHairs by HelloSanta;
Brows: SG Brows by HelloSanta, True Brows by Jimtownirish;
Eyes: The Eyes of the Beauty by LogRaam, True Eyes by Jintownirish;
Head Mesh and Chargen tool: Enhanced Character Edit by Tktk1 and ECE Team;
Presets by Stupded (Ava), Wangruanyifu (Daphne and Wanda), Windofriver (Nicole), Gvman3670 (Katleen) and a the very talented preset creators from Naver Cafe (Felicia and Lucika).
Mikanoshi for SMCO.
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
Nifskope/Niftools Teams.
Tutorials by DarkFox127 (house) and Natilde (Follower creation)


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Unfinished Armors - Unreleased conversions

Some of my conversions aren't for share due to the lack of permissions from the original authors, so I left them ready to play but incomplete. They all look great in-game so if you have the skills, you should consider port them to your Skyrim game.

Just to make sure: this isn't a post to provoke anyone, it is just a post to show how some Oblivion mods look in-game. The original mod creators have my thanks for their work and assets, and I respect their decision and not share publicly the conversions.

Cute Leather Dress by Nailflan (Original MOD page)

Probably my favorite outfit from this pack, looks really nice in-game. Nailflan is still an active Oblivion modder and has lots of nice releases; if you still play Oblivion check his work.

Aayla - Star Wars - from NeoVici (Original MOD page)

I'm not a Star Wars fan but this Twi'lek outfit is very well done, and goes well with lightsaber and other Jedi-related mods. NeoVici is a prolific modder and has created mods both to Oblivion and Skyrim (and other games), but this is still on Oblivion only.

Haubergeon by Kiki (Original MOD page)

From the Final Fantasy universe, another armor that can fit Skyrim right away. A more actual texture could do wonders, but Kiki should be proud of this set.

Shadow and Sotonhorian Armors from Andragorn (Original MOD Page Here and Here)

Two great armors that looks like they are always in the game, specially the second one is fitted for a great warrior. Great job from Andragorn.

Silver Dwemer from Kosai_Avonej (Original MOD page)

As a big fan of Dwemer architecture (armors not so much) this is a nice variation from the clunky robot-like dwarver armors, at least giving the female figurine some curves. Kudos to Kosai.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Neisa Alternative Version

The latest version of Neisa Tank Follower ( adds some amazing new features like custom Voice and some scripted events, with a face and armor revamp; since I'm used to her original face and armor looks, I decided to transfer the old assets to the new version, without touching anything else.

- Make sure you are using a save without Neisa installed or the face change may not work properly;
- Download and install the original MOD with medium textures and ENG voice options (don't check the alternative Banded Iron armor);
- Overwrite everything with the file below (use a mod manager for a simple and clean process).



- the replacer textures are optimized 1k textures;
- if you want only the face change, replace everything except the files in the meshes ARMOR folder;
- if you want only the armor change, replace only the files in the meshes ARMOR folder;
- no .esp required, so may work with future versions; 
- for an effective face change, use a clean save (without the original mod installed) or the face may not change properly.

Morika and Pandea_Work for the Neisa concept and creation;
SMCO by Mikanoshi;
3DSMax team;
Bethesda for Creation Kit and Skyrim.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Unfinished Conversions - Kogane Ranger Armor

Back to unfinished releases, but this time not that unfinished - the only thing that bothers me is the skirt skinning that could be better, and I may return to fix it later. From HGEC to Sevenbase, HGEC Ranger Armor by Kogane.

Description and know issues:
- Dismembered in Cuirass, Gauntlets and Boots;
- 0 and 1 weights, attached to a 7B body with Bounce support skeleton, so a XPMS-based skeleton is required;
- type help Kogane on console to get it;

Credits and Thanks: 
Thanks to Kogane for HGEC Ranger Armor and for the free-to-use permissions;
To Sevennity for Sevenbase Body;
To Dimon99 for UNP Body;
To xp32 for XPMS Skeleton;
To Person123456789 for the Oblivion Skeleton in Skyrim Pose;
To Mikanoshi for SMCO;
To Gerra6 for KgTools;
To Gomapero for the Pose Pack;
To 3DSMax, Nifskope, Paint.NET teams;
To Bethesda for Creation Kit, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim;

And to all the modders and Skyrim fans that still mod, tweak, share, download, play and showcase Skyrim.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Netherweave Robes for 7B/UNP

After some time playing Dark Souls I and Fallout: New Vegas, back to Skyrim with a handful or conversions, the final wave of shared releases.

This time is another Oblivion port and from Gizmodian's work. Five beautiful robes from the Netherweave Robe for HGEC. They turn out great and they clearly deserve a Steam release.  

DOWNLOAD: MEGA Link for Non-Steam users


Please read at least the GENERAL INFORMATION and the TROUBLESHOOTING before posting about an issue or CTD. On the comments, I won't reply to "It won't work" comments without explaining at least when it crashes (on Skyrim logo, loading a game, entering the chest cell...). 


This MOD is another port of Gizmodian excelent work for Oblivion, the Netherweave Robe for HGEC. This conversion is for the 7Base/UNP body and features 5 robe color variants: Black, Green, Purple, Red and Umber. Female only.

Original Mod Page. If you like this mod and you have a Nexus account, give kudos to the author. 


XPMS Skeleton (or any XPMS variant). 
"F.S.F.A.R Female Skeleton for all Races" on Steam Workshop 

Pick-up location: inside Whiterun Hall of the Dead Catacombs, at right side when you enter the room, on a small chest (check screenshots). There are 10 robes of each color and the chest re-spawn the loot inside. 


- There is a small clipping in the front shoulders area, more noticeable in certain poses; 
- The outfit is rigged to 7Base body, but it should work on any body type, including vanilla and CBBE; just adjust your weight with the showracemenu command on console to fix the body gaps; 
- If you use HDT, you should get a breast bounce effect; 
- Has only the minimum weight model. 


Problem - The Chest isn't there. 
Answer - Make sure you have the mod activated in the Skyrim Launcher. It is on the CATACOMBS, not on the Whiterun Hall of the Dead main room. 

Problem - Is it compatible with (insert body you use)? 
Answer - Probably; try it, use the weight slider to adjust. Extreme or heavily modified body types could bring noticeable body/head/hands gaps. 

Problem - When I equip it, my body turs invisible. 
Answer - It's because you are using a race not on the armor default races list. 

Problem - When I equip it, my game crashes. 
Answer - You are missing the compatible skeleton requirement listed above. 

Problem - I want to craft it/upgrade it, is possible? 
Answer - I can add a crafting recipe on demand, just suggest the materials. Upgrading is not available for clothing. 


I can't thank enough to them, without their permissions, resources, information, support and work I simply could't do anything. Kudos to all of them. 

Gizmodian for Netherweave Robe for HGEC and permissions for use his work;  
Dress Mesh made by Nioliv and brought to Oblivion by Xiamara. 
Sevennity for SevenBase (7B) Body 
Dimon99 for UNP body;  
Person123456789 for Oblivion Skeleton in Skyrim Pose;
Nightasy for his clothing/armor conversion tutorials; 
Gomapero for the Poses

Tools Used (thanks for the creators/teams): 

SMCO for texture optimization; 
Nifskope for crucial model adjustments; 
3DSMAX for the model conversion; 
KgTools for the weight painting (weights based on the monk robe female outfit); 
And (of course) Bethesda for Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and the Creation Kit. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Tifa Lockhart Follower by Brandon3903

A new follower based on a preset created by Brandon3903 is available on STEAM. See the description below for details.

DOWNLOAD on MEGA (Loose files version)

STEAM description:

Please read at least the GENERAL INFORMATION and the TROUBLESHOOTING before posting about an issue or CTD. I won't reply to "It won't work" comments without giving further information. 


This mod adds a follower inside the Old Hroldan Inn, based on the face preset of Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) created and shared by Brandon3903 on Nexus

Please consider this follower a Work in Progress (WIP) since some minor changes can occur, so it is a good idea you don't give her items or weapons and armor you want to keep. 

If you think this mod won't suit your game, please ignore it. 

She uses only her fists on combat, so without any adjustments (using an edit tool to change her settings on the plugin or a follower manager), she won't use any weapon by default. 

If you like her but want her to be a non-unarmed follower instead, leave a comment and I'll release a version with different combat settings. 

Changing her outfit clothes may lead to face/body mismatch if your default skin isn't Fair Skin. 


Should be full compatible with any mod around, if you find any incompatibility please report it on the comments or via PM. Doesn't require any other mod to work. 


- please use a follower manager; I use Amazing Follower Tweaks but any other should work as well; 
- don't use more than 2 followers at once when exploring a dungeon, things can be crowded easily; 
- changing her outfit can lead to weird results since she use her own custom body/textures, specially if you use other body than 7B/UNP/Vanilla; 
- Consider using Follower Commentary Overhaul for immersive Follower commentaries and actions; 


Problem: She won't follow me. 
Answer: install a follower manager; if you don't have it, probably you already have one follower with you (remember that the game limits the number of regular followers). 

Problem: I've subscribed the mod but can't find her. 
Answer: don't forget to activate the plugin TifaLockhartFollower.esp in tour Skyrim Launcher - Data Files or with your Mod Manager. 


I can't thank enough to them, without their permissions, resources, information, support and work I simply could't do anything. Kudos to all of them. 

- Base Body: UNP from Dimon99
- Face and Body Textures: Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
- Eyes: The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
- Hair: KS Hairdos  
- Brows: True Brows by JimtownIrish
- Top (Outfit): Sexy Vests (T)BBP - CBBE-UNP(B)-DG-7B-CHSBHC by Xauss 
- Skirt (Outfit): Mini Sage Outfit for UNP by Tsuke76 (converted to 7Base by me) 
- Boots: Gim Boots by Gimora  

Also thanks to: 
Brandon3903 for creating the Face model, for the support, testing and help; if you like Tifa and have a Nexus account, leave a kudos for him:  
tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team 
Mikanoshi for SMCO  
natilde for her Standalone Follower tutorial  
DARKF0X127 for AI Package tutorials 
Bethesda for the Creation Kit, Oblivion and Skyrim Games; 
Nifskope, 3DSMax, Bethesda, Paint.NET teams.