Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bohemian Armor

General Info:

Body Type: 7B Natural (compatible with UNP body types)

Armor (craftable, upgradable):
- Armor/Chest;
- Boots;
- Pauldrons;
- Gauntlets;
- Belt/Skirt;
- Amulet;
- Scarf;

Weapon (craftable, upgradable):
- Sword;

- Craft the items in the forge under Misc tab;

Q - No Bodyslide?
A - Nope, the textures really messed up with bodyslide, so I will leave it that way.

Thanks and Credits:

Darigaz17 for base armor/clothing files;
- The GreatSword was shared freely in, lost track of the topic link.
- Gauntlets retextured from Telthalion Witchplate;
Sevennity for 7B body
- Bethesda for TESV Skyrim.

Screenshots, scroll down for download...

Included in the Armor Pack

DOWNLOAD from LL (Standalone Armor)

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