Thursday, 12 June 2014

Player Homes - I

Just a couple of player homes that deserve a lot of more attention; I've been using them for a while and I definitively endorse and recommend them.

Ravens Nest Tower from Akhorahil666; cozy and organized, with an amazing view. Lots of storage space without excessive cluttering, you really feel like home here - the nice lightning work also does wonders here. It even has a "Museum" for the unique items you collect during your adventures. Just pick the chest outside to get the key and enter.

Kagrenac Mountain Tower from AncientKane: stunning interior design, really unique; to gain access you must fight your way through some caves with traps and some tough enemies. The outside view is amazing, but you need to fast travel as the main door don't have stairs to exit. It is somewhat heavier for medium-low systems, but sure worth a look.

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