Monday, 21 July 2014

Wild Wind Raider

General Info:

This Set is made of 7 independent pieces:

- Body;
- Boots;
- Gauntlets;
- Skirt;
- Belt and Leg Vials;
- Extra Kit (Book and Coin Purse);
- Epic Weapon Artifact from Morrowind.

The equipment is enchanted in a way to help the dungeon exploration (1H, stamina & carry weight boosts) and item sales (speech bonus) easier with an unusual weapon artifact to fight your way to the treasures.

FAQ: Where to get the items?
 In Witherun, head to the back of Olava the Feeble house, facing the city walls; there is a knapsack at the wall with everything inside;

Thanks and credits:

Tona for Kiami Hunter;
Wulfharth for Fang of Haynekhtnamet;
Hentai for Iron Frenzy;
Endiness for Blood Hound Armor;
Petrovich for simply Army clothes;
Drakron for Red Mystic Mage;
Krista from Lady Rogue;
Nausicaa for Desert Wind Clothes;
The creators of ShadowWalker and Red Star Outfit meshes (couldn't track the source);
Kirinisdivine for the oblivion meshes;
Sevennity for 7B body.

Bethesda for TESV Skyrim


DOWNLOAD FROM LL (Standalone version)

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