Friday, 15 August 2014

Primekiller Outfit

General Info:

This outfit contains:

- Cuirass;
- Armored skirt;
- Boots;
- Gloves;
- Enchanted 2H Sword.

All the assets are imported from oblivion mods, except the Gloves.

To get the Items:
- In console, type help primekiller then player.additem xxxxxxxx 1, where xxxxxxxx is the code for each item.

Thanks and credits:

KURESE for R18PN 08 - FuruFuru Armor for HGEC v2 by NPR (Skirt, leg protection and Binoculars);
Mahatawa for Belt Armor (boots);
Leg dagger ornament from magicmoon (?)*
Cuirass from combat armor (?) *
Nausicaa for Desert Wind Clothes (Gloves);
Scarf from (?) *
Madcat221 and Loth DeBonneville for from Gah Falquan Umarile ayleid meteoric iron weapon (weapon);
Sevennity for the 7B body;
Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls;

And a special thanks for the Nifskope team, Paint.NET and 3DSMax developers. 



DOWNLOAD FROM LL (Standalone version)

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