Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rogue Outfit

This is the porting to Skyrim of the beautiful HGEC Rogue Armor created by Alecu for TES Oblivion.

The base body is 7B and has bodyslide and bouce support. Only requirement is XPMS skeleton.

This MOD adds four clothing items to Skyrim:
- Body Clothing (Cuirass);
- Gloves;
- Boots;
- Amulet;

No armor rating. You can pick the items in a knapsack at the right of the Riften main gate - check screenshot below:

Just a couple of side notes:
- the original outfit has an huge polygon count, so I did my best to bring the polys down to a lighter count. The best I could do was around 140k (full equipped), in weaker machines could lag a bit or bring a fps hit.
- the only thing visible that I've changed from the original outfit was the dagger and dagger belt, to avoid ugly clipping with waist weapons;
- there is a know issue with the gloves in 1st person, looking weird; I have battle a lot to fix this, but unsuccessful until now.

Future plans:
Fix reported bugs;

Tools used:
3DSMax 2012 for the porting and skinning;
Nifskope for crucial tweakings;
KgTools for the bodyslide;
Creation Kit.

Credits and many Thanks!
Alecu for the amazing Rogue Armor assets and for grant me the permissions to share them.
Sevenitty for 7B body;
HidrogensaysHDT for HDT physics;
Dimon99 for UNP;
XP32 for XPMS skeleton;
gerra6 for KgTools;
Bethesda for TES series and releasing CK.
3DSMax and Nifskope teams.
All the great modders out there for their work and tutorials.




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