Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Unfinished conversions - Pirate Lady Outfit

Since I'm moving on from Skyrim "modding", there is no point keeping some unfinished works since someone can pick them, complete or improve it. So this is the first of several mods that were never released for various reasons. More files to come.

Just want to point out that:
- Those mods are unfinished WIPs that work in game but can have several problems;
- Use console to get them;
- Use them as resources as you want, as long as you credit the original author (not me, the assets author in the description);
- they require XPMS to work in-game.

Pirate Lady Outfit:

Description and know issues:
- 3 variants (Green, Red, Black/White);  
- 2 parts (outfit and hat);  
the hat can clip through hair, depending on the hair you are using;
- the pack has some backup files, if you install you can delete the backup folder in the data/meshes/Clothes/PirateLady;
- Port of the DAZ freebie Lassie of the Seas from Pretty3D Produtions.

MEGA link.

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