Monday, 6 July 2015

Unfinished conversions - Frozen Elsa Dress

Not be able to port this wonderful MOD is one of my big frustrations. The base mesh was created to a very skinny/tight arms body and I couldn't port it properly to UNP.

Frozen Elsa Dress:

Description and know issues:
- Dress only; 
- the skinning is a mess; lots of clipping in the forearms/hands and on the lower dress/legs; I've quit working on this due to my lack of success adjusting the arm area and barely touched the rest of the mesh;  
- the pack contains some even more messed up WIP nifs (backups) and a pair of boots;
- Port from the great Frozen Elsa Dress from ElAlquimista, on the Oblivion Nexus, who kindly allowed me to port this to Skyrim.

MEGA link


  1. Thanks for the awesome mod...
    But just to let you know, JackGa also did Elsa's Dress for skyrim check it out here

  2. Thanks, I know most of JackGa's work, but wasn't aware of this one.

  3. but im glad you made this one, its nice to have a few different versions, thanks