Friday, 3 July 2015

Unfinished conversions - Pure Fantasy Mage

Another unfinished WIP that is being waiting for small adjustments. Again, use/share it it as you will as long as you credit the original authors (not me, read the description below) or copy/past the credits. 

Pure Fantasy Mage:

Description and know issues:
- Already dismembered in 3 parts boots, torso/cuirass and gauntlets, ready to use in game;
- needs some skinning adjustments on the skirt/upper leg area;
- the pack contains some WIP nifs (backups);
- Port from the great Pure Fantasy Mage Outfit from Sinblood, shared by Zarrastro on the Nexus Oblivion.

Note: you can download the original Oblivion mod and add the alternative textures via CK or changing the .dds paths via Nifskope; there are red and white variants that can be easily implemented. PM me for details and I can write a small tutorial on how to easily create texture swaps in CK.

Credits listed as request on the original MOD release page (with my thanks for those involved): 

- Bethesda Softworks
- The Bab Team : For their great body and clothes mod:
- Bab Final release thread:
- Ceedee: For all the time he spent at babarizing armors and clothes for our pleasure :D
- Exnem: for his gauntlets and open shirt meshes (babarized version topic) (Official Exnem's Eye Candy forum)
- J3X: For some parts have used to make the staff
- Jannix Quinn:For some parts I've used to make the staff
- Maddogs:For some parts I've used to make the staff (Kingdom(kingdom hearts game)<-keyblades )
- Xcommand: For the belt coming from 'Mystic Mage mod' (BABarized version)
- Floydian1and Kalia:For some parts I've used to make the staff
- Sinblood
- Zarrastro

MEGA link.

Another file should be shared here after this weekend.

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