Monday, 13 July 2015

Unfinished conversions - Stylish Outfit

My attempt to recreate Alecu's beautiful outfit collection from Oblivion. This was my 2nd conversion from Alecu's work, after the Rogue outfit (shared on STEAM, LL and MEGA) and again, the complexity and detail of his work is simply remarkable. Good thing that Alecu decided to use his amazing skills on Skyrim, so check his personal page there! 

Stylish Outfit:

Description and know issues:
- Outfit only, the gloves on the original outfit were not ported; 
- The great challenge of this conversion was the level of detail; the mesh has lots of NiTriShape branches, so a lot of texture combination is doable. 
- I've packed all the textures from the original outfit, you can use Nifskope to chance them; trying to make the texture swap in CK is way more complicated since you have a lot of mesh branches to work on and you have 7 color variants.
- 0 weight only;
- Port from Alecu's Stylish Outfit created to Oblivion.


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