Saturday, 22 August 2015

Captain Molly Outfit - STEAM Release

Something different today: I decided to give a proper treatment and release this outfit on STEAM. If you don't want to install via STEAM version, please download from here: MEGA link.

Please read the Troubleshooting below before posting about CTD or huge FPS loss. 


This MOD adds two sets of Pirate style clothes to the game. You can find both in Orphan's Tear shipwreck, one used by a NPC called Captain Molly (hostile), and another in a knapsack inside the cabin. 

It is divided in two clothing parts: Outfit and Hat. The Outfit uses the Body and Feet slots. The Hat uses the LongHair slot, so it does not automatically replace helmets or circlets, only armor using the same body slot. 

This set is a direct port from Oblivion Mod Captain Molly for HGEC shared by Korana, who gave me permission to upload the conversion. Original MOD here.

- This is not a final release. It is ready to play and could need some adjustments according to the feedback I receive. 
- The outfit is rigged to a SevenBase Bounce body, but it should work on any body type. The only REQUIREMENT is that you have a XPMS based Skeleton installed.
- Has _0 and _1 weights, and ground models. 
- The Outfit has an huge polygon count to Skyrim standards (more than 70k), so you may experience some Frames per Second (FPS) hit in a medium/low machine. 
- The model (mesh) was optimized in 3DSMax, the textures using SMCO tool for less VRAM usage and less FPS drop. 
- The size (40 MB) is due to the models and textures used. 
- Outfit and Hat are considered clothes without armor rating. 


Problem: my game crashes when I wear the outfit. 
Solution: you must install XPMS (or a XPMS based skeleton) properly; personally I recommend using this one XPMS Extended if you are comfortable installing mods outside STEAM (manually or using MO/NMM).

Problem: my game crashes/slows down a lot when I go near Orphan's Tear. 
Solution: better uninstall the mod; your system can't handle the model, nothing can be done here. Sorry. 

Problem: my hairstyle is clipping the hat. 
Solution: when I was converting the hat, I had 2 options: attach to a couple of hair meshes to avoid the clipping (leaving you without much hair variety choices) or to use it independently, where the hair shape could or could not clip the hair. I choose the later option, but this is still open to change later in the future. 

Problem: there are some clippings/weird angles in some poses. 
Solution: I did my best to avoid clippings or strange distortions. Please screenshot the issue and post it on the comments below and I'll see what I can do. 

Problem: when I drop the clothing, a wild and funny mini-outfit appears on the ground. 
Solution: yeah... not a "problem" actually, just a workaround due to my inability to create a functional ground model. 

Problem: I have an issue not listed above and this MOD is causing it. 
Solution: Use the comments to explain it in detail, please. 

Korana for Oblivion's Pirate Molly
Hentai for the medalion mesh and string, shirt ruffles, and the armor of Para which warped 
into the hip sash; 
Xiamara for the HGEC conversion of the dress, the original shop box, and the neclakce jewels and settings. 
JClyde, AcidRain226, and Nioliv for the Fantasy Figures dress mesh (converted from Nioliv's BB dress mesh) 
Exnem & Raiar for the the Eyecandy/HGEC body 
NPR/RAIAR for top/jacket, pants, and lower boot straps 
Petrovich for the boots 
RGM for the belt, belt buckle (etc), and belt loops 
Oleg87 for the corset, corset straps, corset lacing, corset metal bits, upper leg straps, and leg buckles. Also, thanks to Xcommand as per Oleg's readme! 
Speed buster/A-Type2 for the HGEC boots mod, where the shirt laces originated from 
Futsuuno Fuku etude v0.7 mod for the hat. There is no modder name given, but reuse is allowed as 
long as the name is given. Also, thanks to apachii for helping me find that out! 
Thanks to Kikai for the original neck chain. Also thanks to Luchaire for resizing it. 
Sevenitty for 7B body; 
Dimon99 for UNP body; 

Tools Used (thanks for the creators/teams): 
SMCO for texture optimization; 
Bethesda for the TES series and the Creation Kit;


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