Friday, 7 August 2015

Unfinished Conversions - The Druid from Oblivion

UPDATE: this outfit was picked up and finished by two fellow modders for two different body types. I'll create a post later with MEGA links for those who don't own accounts on the release site. For now, you can pick them up here:

UUNP Body slide version by Morika:

CBBE HDT by Lein: 


Another gem converted from Oblivion, this time a mashup from talented Chakaru11 work. This outfit was sitting on my 3DS library for a long time, was one of the first meshes that I lay my hands on for conversion but the complexity (high number of elements and it required a better skinning technique) put it aside for some time. When I decided to release my unfinished conversions, I've also decided that this one deserved more attention so I rebuild it from scratch. And I must say that it is one of my favorites so far, fits Skyrim perfectly!

The Druid: 

Description and know issues:
- Clothes not dismembered;
- The original mashup has a left glove; I've tried my best to port it but no success due to an issue on a distorted finger while converting Oblivion to Skyrim skeleton;
- The skinning was very complex, so I decided a simple and conservative approach; due to the nature of the outfit, lots of clipping in poses and with weapons is expected;
- 0 weight, attached to a 7B body with Bounce support skeleton;
- Credits and thanks to Chakaru11 for the outfit concept, Prince of Persia (2008) assets and permissions granted for conversion; if you play Oblivion, you really should check her website for some gems.
- Credit and thanks to anano for the Top from Osare Hotpants;


On a side note, I messed up while packing the previous release, the Falcon Set Outfit; a new file is uploaded and the textures should display properly now.


  1. I love the armor set, but when I equip the gloves, my hands disappear.

  2. I couldn't replicate the missing hands bug. Are you using only the Druid Outfit alone or combined with other armor parts? And it is the main version or one of the UUNP/CBBE bodyslide versions?

  3. is there anyway you could get the belt without the skirt , just as a belt . I love this belt . I used the CBBE one and it made my eyebrows and some of my hair disappear . Don't know why . But would love to have the belt to use with other armors

  4. Hi! The most likely problem here is that your mod eyelashes and hair share the same body slot part that the belt. The workaround is to change the body slot assigned for the belt in the Creation Kit (both for Armor and ArmorAddon references).

    You can check here how to change it on Creation Kit; you can skip the Nifskope parts and go straight to the Creation Kit edit, since I don't use the BSDismemberskinInstances on models.

    to remove the skirt, just load the model on Nifskope and remove that part, like showed here:

    Just don't forget to save the model file in the end.

  5. ive never used craation kit , but i am wanting to learn how . I'm constantly scared I am going to break my game . I put a friendship add out to find a modder in my area , to work on stuff together at home , but havent found one yet . I think if you released it as a belt everyone would want it . I love it . I wish there were more accessories like it