Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Unfinished Conversions - Falcon Outfit from Oblivion

This one was a personal project of mine, I like mage robes/clothing a lot and I come across this gem when searching for Oblivion Mods that should fit nice in Skyrim.

*MOD was packed with wrong texture folder structure, new file uploaded.

Falcon Outfit:

Description and know issues:
- Clothing dismembered in Garb (body), Gauntlets and Shoes;
- Regarding the original outfit, I've deleted some parts to make it more practical and feminine;
- The skinning shouldn't need any adjustments, it is based on the common vanilla Necromancer Robes;
- 0 weight, attached to a 7B body with Bounce support skeleton;
- Ported from the beautiful work of bobbismarck's Falcon Set; bow not ported.


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