Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Steam release, a couple of small updates and a Nexus Follower Patch

Last week was very productive, so time to catch up on the blog.

GKWM Followers - Steam Version

First, I've released on a Steam version of my GKWM follower pack; all followers were tweaked from previous versions and this should be the final version. You can get a non-Steam download link here, but please read the Steam description to know more about the mod and the very important credits.

MEGA Link to GKWM Followers Steam version.

Follower Chloe - Adoptable Patch

A couple of weeks ago I've contacted Nexus user Uga0216 to create a adoption patch regarding his cute Chloe Follower. Last weekend the patch was sent and now it is available to use. Just make sure to read the description page to make the adoption process work in your game. Thanks to Uga0216 for his generosity and support.

Underworld Armor and Rogue Outfit tweaked

I've started a process of adjust and fixing the Steam releases. Probably most of users won't notice any visual difference, but the mesh settings I have tweaked make them less prone to bugs. I've also added working ground models to Underworld Armor.

You can get the non-Steam download links here:

Underworld Armor 1.2.1 (Steam Page): Mega Link

Rogue Outfit 1.1 (Steam Page): Mega Link

Other models should be tweaked in the next weeks.

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