Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Shell of Artifice Equipment - Steam release

A partial port of Gizmodian's stunning Shell of Artifice, a mod from Oblivion. Includes the symmetrical outfit, the axe and the sword.

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STEAM Information:


This MOD ports part of the stunning Shell of Artifice Mod equipment from Oblivion, created by Gizmodian. According to the author, this exquisite set was found and donated to the Arcane University. Original MOD here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/32969/? 

It is divided in two clothing parts: Robes and Boots, with a Sword and an Axe. 

Light Armor 
Armor Rating: 25 
Weight: 5 
Enchanting: Fortify Magika by 50p; 10% less cost to all Destruction Spells. 

Light Armor 
Armor rating: 7 
Weight: 2 
Enchanting: Increases carry weight by 50p. 

Weight: 14 
Base Damage: 20 (Crit. 6) 
Enchanting: Fire Damage on Hit; part of damage ignores opponent armor. 

Weight: 10 
Base Damage: 20 (Crit. 10) 
Enchanting: Drains 20p of Magika, Stamina and Health. 

Pick-up location: inside Silent Ruins, in the Blackreach area (check screenshots) inside a Dwarven dresser (Enchanted Version) or on the dead female Imperial (Non enchanted version). 

Crafting and Tempering (Dwarven category): 

You can temper the Robes using 2 Corundum + 3 Dwarven + 2 Leather. 
You can temper the Boots using 1 Dwarven Ingots + 1 Leather. 
You can temper the Axe using 2 Dwarven Ingots. 
You can temper the Sword using 2 Dwarven Ingots. 

Please add suggestions to improve this MOD in the comments below. 

- This is not a final release. It is ready to play and could need some adjustments according to the feedback I receive. 
- The outfit is rigged to an UNP body, but it should work on any body type, including CBBE. 
- Has _0 and _1 weights, and ground models. 

0.1 - Closed Beta release; 
0.2 - Armor ratings and enchantments adjusted, tempering recipes tweaked; spelling check; TESEdit cleanup. 
1.0 - Public release. 

- Nothing so far. 

Gizmodian for Shell of Artifice; 
Dimon99 for UNP body; 
[F3AR]Foxy346 for invaluable help, testing and advice; 

Tools Used (thanks for the creators/teams): 
SMCO for texture optimization; 
And (of course) Bethesda for Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and the Creation Kit. 

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