Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Unfinished Conversions - Westwind Rogue

Time for another unfinished mod; original work is from Korana's Westwind Rogue from Oblivion who kindly granted me permissions to share this conversion, is the same author of Pirate Molly Outfit also converted here.

Westwind Rogue:

Description and know issues:
- Full outfit only (not dismembered);
- 0 and 1 weights, attached to a 7B body with Bounce support skeleton;
- there are two versions on the original mod but only one in this one, a mash-up of both; also I did not port the cape or the hoods as they are already Skyrim versions that could fit perfectly;
- the leg band/strap easily clips with body in most poses; there is also a stretching problem below the chest, should be corrected when I revisited all the unfinished conversions to improve them;
- type help westwind on console to get it;


Credits and Thanks: 
Thanks to Korana for the Westwind Rogue and for the permissions; 
Thanks to NPR/Raiar for so many things on this outfit: both sections of the top, the arm bands, and the leg bands w/dagger;
Thanks to A-Type2 (AKA Speed Buster) for the boots;
Thanks to Exnem for the gauntlets, panty, and belt;
Thanks to Zhu for the HGEC conversion of the Sorceress armor (gauntlets & panty);
Thanks to Petrovitch for the skirt and corset lacings;

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