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Leonor Strong-Will - A Vigilant of Stendarr Follower

Do you want your character to become a follower? 
Do you use ECE (Enhaced Character Edit)? 

Please PM me on Steam, Loverslab (adult content) or Nexus, then.

I'm taking suggestions (NOT REQUESTS) regarding the looks and the concept for my next follower mod, so feel free to message me and exchange some ideas.

Now the Steam follower, get her in the link after the screenshots.


MEGA Link to download Leonor - Vigilant of Stendarr Follower


Steam description: 

Please read at least the GENERAL INFORMATION and the TROUBLESHOOTING before posting about an issue or CTD. On the comments, I won't reply to "It won't work" comments without explaining at least when it crashes (on Skyrim logo, loading a game, entering the follower area/cell...). 


This mod adds a Vigilant of Stendarr follower in Stendarr's Beacon. It requires DLC Dawnguard. I haven't test her in the Dawnguard quest line, so there is a good chance that she is hostile to friendly NPC vampires (no problems at least with Serana), but I don't have any real testing to support it. 

If you like the concept and want to add your opinion or help improve it, please leave a comment. 

It is a good idea to save your game away from Stendarr's Beacon or inside an interior cell (house/cave/city) before installing this mod to avoid CTD. 


IMPORTANT: Due to her nature and faction (vampire hunter), there is a possibility that she could become hostile to friendly NPC vampires (specially in Castle Volkihar), if you take the Vampire side on the Dawnguard quests; a small test in my game showed that she is not hostile to Serana (end-game) or other Custom follower Vampires, so I must consider her a Beta follower until I receive enough feedback that she doesen't bring any problem. 

I have this Mod concept laying on my to-do list for quite some time, waiting for a proper face model to add. Luckily a fellow user from 3DM forum shared a very nice ECE face that was the base of Leonor. 

The concept is a Vigilant of Stendarr with weaponry from the Dawnguard (crossbows and 1-handed axes); she carries some Vigilant base equipment (torches, bolts, heath potions), is flagged as essential, marriable and will level with the player up to 100. The meeting point is Stendarr's Beacon (check screenshot). 

Melee combat: Two enchanted Axes (dual-wielding combat); 
Ranged combat: Custom enchanted Crossbow. 
Spells & Shouts: Restoration and alteration spells. 
Armor: Vigilant of Stendarr usual outfit. 
Main Perks: One-Handed 

- please use a follower manager; I use Amazing Follower Tweaks but any other should work as well; 
- don't use more than 2 followers at once when exploring a dungeon, things can be crowded easily; 
- changing her outfit can lead to weird results since she use her own custom body/textures, specially if you use other body than 7B/UNP/Vanilla; 
- Consider using Follower Commentary Overhaul for immersive Follower commentaries and actions; 

Should be compatible with everything. 


Problem: She won't follow me. 
Answer: install a follower manager; if you don't have it, probably you already have one follower with you (remember that the game limits the number of regular followers). 

Problem: She don't use her crossbow, is using a normal hunting bow instead. 
Answer: This is a know issue with some followers and happened to me; the workaround is to talk to her and remove the hunting bow from her inventory. 

Problem: I can't assign her as a steward. 
Answer: That is related with the voice type assigned. To enable her for housecarl/steward jobs, you must use the console, please read this workaround from wiki Hbxn: 

Problem: When I change her armor, the body textures mismatch or I get gaps on the head/hands/feet. 
Answer: She use custom textures/body and your armor is linked to your body/textures type. I can't help you here. 

Problem: Her armor looks different on my game. 
Answer: I use aMidianBorn textures by CaBaL(, that can't be shared outside Nexus. The Mod will use your textures installed, so if you don't have any texture replacer for it, you'll get vanilla textures. 

Question: Why Dawnguard is required? Is there a non-DLC version? 
Answer: She uses resources (crossbow, axes, robes) from the DLC. I plan to release a non-DLC in the future. 


I can't thank enough to them, without their permissions, resources, information and work I simply could't do anything. Kudos to all of them. 

- Base Body: SevenBase from Sevennity. 
- Face and Body Textures: Fair Skin Complexion 
- Eyes: JimtownIrish's for True Eyes 
- Hair: HelloSanta's SG Hairs;(google search); 
- Brows: SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa 

Also thanks to: 
Wangruanyifu (3DM) for the Face model; 
Xuniana for sending me Wangruanyifu ECE file; 
tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team 
Mikanoshi for SMCO 
natilde for her Standalone Follower tutorial 
DARKF0X127 for AI Package tutorials 
Bethesda for the Creation Kit, Oblivion and Skyrim Games; 
Nifskope, 3DSMax, Bethesda, Paint.NET teams.

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