Thursday, 3 December 2015

Minstrel Leather Armor for Sevenbase on Nexus

First release on Nexus. SkyrimforDaWin released a very nice half-finished armor as modders resource and I'll pick up the task to make it work in Skyrim.

The armor could use some better textures (gauntlet and skirt), so I'm also looking for a texture artist to help me bring this mod for the next level.

7B version available, CBBE and UNP version planned. Steam version should be released after the mod leaves the WIP version.


Nexus Link


Nexus description:

Hello everyone.

This is the SeveNBase (7B) conversion of Minstrel Leather Armor, created and kindly shared by SkyrimForDaWin as a modder resource for the community.


- Use NMM (recommended), MO or extract and drop the archive contents in your Skyrim\Data folder;


- Delete the file from your NMM/MO profile or delete the following folders manually:

\Data\textures\armor\MinstrelLeatherArmorAnd the file MinstrelLeatherArmor.esp in Data folder.


Divided in 3 parts:
- Cuirass
- Boots
- Gauntlets

Craft under Leather category at the forge.

You should consider this mod a WIP, I'm looking for bugs, suggestions and improved textures.

If you are interested in creating some better textures for this armor, please contact me.

Please refrain from upload this file to other places until it is final.


SkyrimForDaWin for meshes/textures and permissions;
Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity for SeveNBase body;
Gerra6 for KgTools to create the _1.nif meshes;
Mikanoshi for SMCO for textures optimization;
Bethesda for TES games;

My steam workshop page.

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