Saturday, 7 May 2016

Neisa Alternative Version

The latest version of Neisa Tank Follower ( adds some amazing new features like custom Voice and some scripted events, with a face and armor revamp; since I'm used to her original face and armor looks, I decided to transfer the old assets to the new version, without touching anything else.

- Make sure you are using a save without Neisa installed or the face change may not work properly;
- Download and install the original MOD with medium textures and ENG voice options (don't check the alternative Banded Iron armor);
- Overwrite everything with the file below (use a mod manager for a simple and clean process).



- the replacer textures are optimized 1k textures;
- if you want only the face change, replace everything except the files in the meshes ARMOR folder;
- if you want only the armor change, replace only the files in the meshes ARMOR folder;
- no .esp required, so may work with future versions; 
- for an effective face change, use a clean save (without the original mod installed) or the face may not change properly.

Morika and Pandea_Work for the Neisa concept and creation;
SMCO by Mikanoshi;
3DSMax team;
Bethesda for Creation Kit and Skyrim.

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