Saturday, 28 May 2016

The DragonBorn Disciples

Last Follower Pack, perfect for those who can't get enough of Waifu/OverPowered companions.

This is a compilation of seven (7) overpowered NPC. All the base presets were collected around the web, from 3DM Forum (from the work of Stupded and 
Wangruanyifu), Nexus (Windofriver), Loverslab (Gvman3670) and Naver Cafe.

This mod can be considered as a cheat mod, since the followers are overpowered , with lots of perks, some good spells and a couple of shouts, plus you can found some great starter equipment and money inside the dwemer dresser right after the entrance door and some goodies around the house.

Please consider this a WIP. I'm still tweaking their combat AI.


- Dragonborn DLC
- Dawnguard DLC


- A follower manager (Amazing Follower Tweaks is my suggestion but another is fine too) 
- Follower Commentary Overhault
- Dynamic Follower Dialogue
- Unnoficial Patches (Legendary or Modular)
- Fix Lip Synch


You can pick them near Riverwood inside a Dwemer ruin that you can also use as a very basic starting player house. The location is automatically displayed in your map (Disciples Outpost).

They all use vanilla assets (equipment, voices, spells) so the outfit appearance will chance depending on your armor/weapon mods installed.

They all have an health/mana regeneration equipment, Skeleton Key (open any lock) and the light foot perks (to avoid trap trigging).

Ava - Battlemage, uses staves and magic

Daphne - Ranger, Dual Katanas and Bow

Felicia - Nightingale, Dual Swords and Bow

Katleen - Fighter, 1H Sword/Shield and Bow

Lucika - Paladin. 2H Greateaxe and Bow

Nicole - Dragonhunter, Dual War Axes and Bow

Wanda - Thief, Dual Daggers and Crossbow



By default, UNP is used as base body for the followers. 

If you want them to use your body type:
1 - Browse your 


and create a new folder called 


Inside this folder create another one called 


Your folder path should look like this: 


2 - leave the \Disciplesfollowers\Body\ folder window open. Now we need to find and copy the body files that will override the default ones.

3 - open another browse files window, go to your 

Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\ 

folder and SELECT TO COPY the following .nif files:
* femalebody_0
* femalebody_1
* femalefeet_0
* femalefeet_1
* femalehands_0
* femalehands_1

4 - drop the files in your 

\Disciplesfollowers\body\ (COPY THE FILES, DO NOT MOVE THE FILES)



- After recruit them, REMOVE THE HUNTING BOW that is automatically added to the follower inventory;
- Use a follower manager to make your life easier;
- The Map Marker isn't there? Go to your Skirim folder, execute SkyrimLauncher and check if the DiscipleFollowers.esp is activated on the Data Files; if you use a Mod Manager (NMM or Mod Organizer - wise decision), make sure the plugin is activated.
- Crash when entering the Disciples Outpost? Probably a memory issue, be sure to read about SKSE, that will stabilize your game A LOT.

Tools Used:

SMCO: for .dds and .bsa optimizer;
Creation Kit 

Credits and Thanks:
Base Body: UNP by Dimon99;
Body and Face Textures: SG Textures Renewal by HelloSanta, Fair Skin by HHaleyy;
Hair: KSHairdos by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky, SGHairs by HelloSanta;
Brows: SG Brows by HelloSanta, True Brows by Jimtownirish;
Eyes: The Eyes of the Beauty by LogRaam, True Eyes by Jintownirish;
Head Mesh and Chargen tool: Enhanced Character Edit by Tktk1 and ECE Team;
Presets by Stupded (Ava), Wangruanyifu (Daphne and Wanda), Windofriver (Nicole), Gvman3670 (Katleen) and a the very talented preset creators from Naver Cafe (Felicia and Lucika).
Mikanoshi for SMCO.
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
Nifskope/Niftools Teams.
Tutorials by DarkFox127 (house) and Natilde (Follower creation)


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