Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Unfinished Conversions - Baroness Armor

Another unfinished work from Oblivion, this time a skimpy armor with three color variant from talented modder Kiki, with some modifications.

Description and know issues:

- Not dismembered;
- 0 weight only, base 7B body no Bounce, no additional mods required;
- the finger skinning is not perfect;
- the skin chest area sometimes bugs out with strange textures - take off and equip it again solves this very annoying issue;
- type help Baroness on console to get them;

Credits and Thanks: 
Thanks to Kiki for Baron Armor and for the free-to-use permissions;
To Sevennity for Sevenbase Body;
To Dimon99 for UNP Body;
To xp32 for XPMS Skeleton;
To Person123456789 for the Oblivion Skeleton in Skyrim Pose;
To Mikanoshi for SMCO;
To Gerra6 for KgTools;
To Gomapero for the Pose Pack;
To 3DSMax, Nifskope, Paint.NET teams;
To Bethesda for Creation Kit, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim;

And to all the modders and Skyrim fans that still mod, tweak, share, download, play and showcase Skyrim.

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